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Go to : Anti-Gravity by Randy Holmes and learn how to make "Antigravity" at home.

The "Aether-Light" eBook will explain three important facts about your life.

1. How to make "Antigravity Energy" in your own home.

2. How God made all Living and Nonliving things out of "Aether" and "Light".

3. How you can help us build "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars) for our future, and become a vital part of our "Antigravity Word".

The photo "Antigravity Machine'' by "Aether-Light" reveals the world's first "Antigravity Machine"; invented by Randy Lee Holmes in 2017.

This is the only machine in the world that can actually produce an "Electrostatic ForceField" and "Antigravity Energy".

We can use this "Antigravity Energy" to build our "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars) for our future.

This "Antigravity Machine" Smashes Atoms of Nylon and Teflon together to insert an "Antigravity Electrostatic Energy" into a plastic sheet (Capacitor).

This makes the "Antigravity Machine" the smallest particle collider in the world.

The "Antigravity Machine" cost less than $1,000 to build, and not $13.25 billion like "The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) beneath the France-Switzerland border.

You can make "Antigravity Energy" at home with less than $10.00 dollars in material.

1. One 8"x10" sheet of hard plastic (tape soft plastic on bottom).

2. Two 8"x10" sheets of soft plastic.

3. One piece of 6"x12" long rip-stop nylon fabric.

4. one insulator hard plastic, or hard foam, or rubber, wrapped in soft plastic.

Slide the nylon fabric between the two soft plastics while pressing down on the top of hard plastic (capacitor).     

With the "The Hadron Collider" (LHC) you got the Higgs boson.

With the "Antigravity Machine" you got "Antigravity" and "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars).


1. Antigravity Transportation-To own your personal Spaceship.

2. Levitating Buildings in the shy-To live in the sky.

3. Antigravity Force Fields-To protect your person or property. 4. Antigravity Houses- People float around inside the house for entertainment.

All is explained in the book "Aether-Light".

Through Science "Mankind" shall become "One" with the "Creator".

Nature shall be cleansed of manmade destruction of the earth by knowledge of the book "Aether-Light".

The year 2018 will bring together many brains from the East, West, North, and South, and they shall create an "Anti-Gravity World", and "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars).

The year 2018 shall bring "Anti-Gravity Transportation", "Levitating Buildings", and "Anti-Gravity Force Fields".

The year 2018 man shall learn the secrets of the universe, and the secrets of God and Jesus.

1. Where did we come from?
2. What is Gravity?
3. What is Matter?
4. What is Dark Matter?
5. What is Dark Energy?
6. What is Aether?
7. What is Light?
8. What is Antigravity?

The "Aether-Light" book makes physics simple to everyone.

"Aether-Light" book explains Biblical Scripture: 1 John 1:5.

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge".

Genesis 1:3 "And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light".

1 John 1:5 "God is light; in him there is no darkness at all".

GOD is "Love", "Light Energy", "Aether", and "Spirit" as a Fact, as well as a metaphor.

Everywhere there is "Light" there is GOD and Love.

"All atoms are made of "Light"....Physics made simple".

"GOD is Light".
"GOD is Love".
"GOD is Spirit".
"GOD is Energy".
"GOD is Creator".
"GOD is All".
"God is "I Am".

All "Atoms" or "Matter" comes from a primary substance, the Aether.

The smartest man to ever live was "JESUS"; He brought the "WORD".

"JESUS" is our "Savior".

"Aether-Light" radiation photos of "Light" shows "White Light" is GOD, and Rainbow Colors, or visible "Light"  is JESUS.

"Aether-Light" is "The Fact Of Everthing" about You and the Universe.

All Living and Nonliving things exist because of the "Aether"; and without the "Aether", "Matter" or "Atoms" does not and cannot exist.....this means we cannot exist.

To be even more specific, all "Atoms" or "Matter is made of "AETHER-LIGHT", or the "Electromagnetic Spectrum" of "Light".

 The "Electromagnetic Spectrum" of "Light Energy" makes up all "Atoms" or "Matter"; E=mc2.

To learn more: See "Aether-Light" book by Randy Lee Holmes; at Amazon or Barns & Noble.


The book "Aether-Light" has 43 pages of print and 55 photos of proof that the "Aether" and "God" exist.


All things living and nonliving are made of "Light" and "Aether", or you may say all things are made of "Atoms" or "Matter".

Einstein most famous equation E=mc2, simply states that "Matter" and "Energy" are both the same thing.

Phys.org article May 18, 2014 "Scientists discover how to turn "Light" into "Matter" after 80-year quest".

The most amazing discovery revealed in this book is that every photon of "Light" is created or accompanied with "Aether",
therefore "Aether"and "Light" are one (Aether-Light).

"Aether- Light" makes up all "Atoms" or "Matter" in the entire universe.

The book "Aether-Light" explains what no physicist and no scientist can explain about physics.

1. Where did we come from?
2. What is Gravity?
3. What is Matter?
4. What is Dark Matter?
5. What is Dark Energy?
6. What is Aether?
7. What is Light?
8. What is Antigravity?

Ask any physicist or scientist and He/She will tell you "Relativity" and "Quantum Mechanics" are fundamentally different theories that have different formulations.

What they have is a clash of genuinely incompatible descriptions of reality.

Everyone wants clarity, "Aether-Light", "The Fact Of Everything" gives us clarity.

You will find after reading the book "Aether-Light" that the "Quantum" and the "Cosmos" match together beautifully.

"Antigravity" by: "Aether-light.com
is just one of "Aether-Light" new discoveries in physics.

The book explains "Dark Matter", "Dark Energy", "Gravity", "ForceFields", and all physics of God and the universe.

You can see "Antigravity" ability to shield gravity in these revolving videos below as aluminum foil objects are clearly floating and levitating in mid-air.

"Antigravity by Aether-Light" is one of the worlds first "True Antigravity" videos revealed to the public and to the world in 2017.

The videos at the bottom of this page are the only videos in the entire world to show you "True and Real Antigravity Shielding".

The videos demonstrate the aluminum foil objects floating and levitating from the floor, table, chair, or anything that has matter;
the "Antigravity Electrostatic Field" will repel it.

This experiment can be done now by anyone in the entire world, thanks to "Aether-Light"!!!!!!

Get ready for "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars), Flying Spaceships, Levitating Buildings, Electrostatic Force Fields, and the "Antigravity Age" 2018.

"Antigravity" by Randy Holmes videos shows the average person how to make this "Antigravity Energy" simultaneously with Static Electricity.

The only way we can have an "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars) is We Build It Ourselves !!!!!

"Aether-Light" has made several Youtube videos showing You how to make this "Antigravity Energy" !!!

If you want a Jetsons "Age of Antigravity" get busy today building those spaceships !!!!!

The government will not allow any individual person to posses such power; so it must be a collective effort.

Our new world of "Antigravity Transportation, Antigravity Buildings, Antigravity Force Fields, and our "Antigravity World", all depends on You!!!

Make way for Antigravity Cars, Levitating Buildings, and Antigravity Electrostatic Force Fields for protection.

Transportation for the entire world now and for the future.

"Aether-Light" is the beginning of Antigravity Transportation, Levitating Buildings, and Electrostatic Force Fields for protection.




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