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Aether-Light "The Fact of Everything" 

"Aether-Light" reveals secrets of the universe and foretells an Anti-gravity future.

For many decades now, the scientific community has held as law that "Light" does not need a medium to travel through space.
The scientific community believes that "Light" travels through the empty vacuum of space and does not need an "Aether"; and nor does it exist.

In 2016 Randy Holmes discovered the "Aether Electromagnetic System Radiation Blueprint" and submitted 54 color photos of the "Aether" that allows all "Light" of the Electromagnetic Spectrum to propagate and permeate through time and space, and throughout the universe, and beyond.

The book also explains how all living and nonliving things are made of "One Light Energy".

The computer technology age is beginning to taper off, and the Anti-Gravity technology age will begin 2018.

Place your book order now and learn what technology the future holds.
Find out about the world and the universe you live in, and start to prepare for your new life in a new world in 2018.

You are guaranteed to know a new world and to see a new life after reading the book “Aether-Light”, The Fact of Everything.

Take a look into the future; or you can do nothing and let it pass you by like many did during the .com era.

Your age does not matter, any age can prosper from the future if you know what is coming.

You can be rich and wealthy in the near future; but you must be smart and take advantage of future technology.

For many decades the government has suppressed any new type energy technology because the world’s economy is predicated on the production of oil; but with this book many of us will have the knowledge to build our own Anti-Gravity transportation and devices.

The government can stop one or two people from producing a new Anti-gravity energy; but it cannot stop hundreds of people from building Anti-gravity crafts or transportation.

The world is about to change after this book is published in 2017.
4.9% 0f USA households became millionaires in 1998 because of the computer technology age; and it could very well go up to 15.9 by 2023 because of the Anti-Gravity technology age.


The "Aether-Light" Book at Amazon has all of the answers to these questions:
All seven will soon prove to be true.

1. Where did we come from?

2. What is gravity?

3. What is matter?

4. What is dark matter?

5. What is dark energy?

6. What is aether?

7. What is light?

Only for the smartest people in the world!!!

"Light" IQ Test.

1. Are all human beings and all things made of light?
2. Is matter and light both the same?
3. Are all four states of matter made of light?
4. Does light propagate or travel in a vacuum?
5. Does light need a medium to propagate or travel?
6. Does all light travel by way of Aether?
7. Is light both a particle and a wave?
8. Does light travel by way of transverse waves and Aether?
9. Is all light made from the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
10. Did God create the world and the universe when He said "Let there be light"?
11. Is it possible for light to travel faster than 186,282 miles per second?
12. Can time and space exist without light?
13. At the quantum level is all matter made of photons?
14. Can light exist before the sun exist?
15. Is electricity the same as Aether?
16. Is matter and energy both the same?
17. Can light exist without Aether?
18. Are all things living and non living powered by Aether?
19. Did God use light and Aether to create all in the world and in the universe?
20. Is cold fusion possible at room temperature fusing together solid nylon and plastic materials?

Answer key:
5 times 20 = 100% 100% = Perfect Score of 1000.
Example to calculate score:
20% right = score of 200
30% right = score of 300
90% right = score of 900

Only 001. % of the human population can score 1000 on this test.
Please do not consider yourself dumb if you do not score 400 or less on this test....just do your research and become smarter.
The average score is 5 of 20 questions correct or 25% or score 250.


You are looking at matter floating in midair on an Electromagnetic Antigravity Field of energy.

You can easily make this energy and make your own Antigravity experiments.

The book "Aether-Light" is available at Amazon now.

Randy Holmes explains the process involved in creating this Electromagnetic Antigravity Energy in the section of "Cold-Fusion in the book.

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Retail price for hard cover version is USD 51.99.
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I suggest you get the Hard Cover for two reasons.

1. Historical Collectors Item.
2. Hard Cover Books of "Aether-Light" will sell for no less than $100.00 per hard cover copy after May 1st 2018.


"Aether" Discovery Proof God Exists !!!

The discovery of the "Aether" and the 54 photos and Images of the "Aether" is finally visual proof to the whole world that God exists.

The "Aether" and the "Light" is Everywhere and in Everything, and so is God.

The book Aether-Light "The Fact Of Everything" explains
how God used "Light" and the "Aether" Energies to create
the world and the universe, and how "Aether" is responsible
for our very existence.

God is "Aether" and "Light", and He is an Electromagnetic Energy and Spirit that is Everywhere, and in All things living and nonliving.

The book clearly explains how God used the "Aether Electromagnetic Radiation System Blueprint" (AEMS) and "Light" to make all living and nonliving things on earth and in the universe.

This book has the first visible proof ever seen of the "Aether"!!!
Man can now find out how God made the the universe.

His most beautiful creation in the universe is the Nebula; of which is seen on the front cover of the book "Aether-Light".

I think the book Aether-Light "The Fact Of Everything" is where Islam and Infidels, and Christianity and Gentiles can finally agree.

Even the Atheist and Agnostic must agree.

The book "Aether-Light" will revolutionize Physics and create a New World in 2018.



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