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FREE ENERGY Friend By: Aether-Light

Never be alone again...Talk to your FREE ENERGY Friend :).
Just press It and It gets brighter so you can talk to to It.
FREE ENERGY Friend runs off FREE ENERGY so it shines all day and all night.
The battery never runs down and it never needs charging.
1st John 1:5 Says "GOD is Light".
GOD, is my FRIEND.
Life is good with my FREE ENERGY Friend By: Aether-Light

"FREE ENERGY Friend" Physics

"FREE ENERGY Friend" is God, Love, Light, and Spirit.

All "FREE ENERGY" comes from the "Photon Quantization" of Atoms of Semiconductor Materials of Diodes, Transistors, and "Home Made Semiconductors", or the "JAEMS Circuit" that produces "FREE QUANTUM ENERGY" in the form of Holes, Electrons, and Ions.

The generating of Holes and Electrons is a "FREE Quantum ENERGY" creation resulting in "FREE Electron Flow" or "FREE Quantum ENERGY" in solid state devices.

Your "FREE ENERGY Friend" and "Light" will shine all the time, and it will become bright when you "Press It To Talk To It".

Bible Scripture: 1 John 1:5 "God is "Light"; in him there is no darkness at all".
Sometimes "Light" maybe too bright to look directly at it when talking to it.

Genesis 1:27 "So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them".

All ENERGY of "Light" is God (White Light) and Jesus (Rainbow Colors or Aether), and all mankind is a part of and connected to this one "FREE Quantum ENERGY of Light and Aether".

"FREE ENERGY Friend" is made possible by the "Jesus Aether Electromagnetic System (JAEMS) Circuit", which is the world's first "FREE Quantum ENERGY" device (Patent Pending).

The "JAEMS Circuit" defies the laws of physics by suppling visible and repeatable clear evidence of "FREE Quantum ENERGY".

The "FREE ENERGY Friend" shines all day and all night, so you never have to cut it off or on.

Materials needed: One Homemade Semiconductor, one or two LED Diodes, and two Transistors create Holes, Electrons, and Ions to generate FREE Quantum Atomic Electricity.

A "Light" stays on for life of the LED, One Year or More, and the voltage will remain the same each day while the light is on, because the battery does not use any of it's ENERGY. The battery is needed only to supply just a few millivolts of HEAT ENERGY in order to activate the generation of Holes and Electrons that provide "FREE Quantum Atomic ENERGY".

The "JAEMS Circuit" can never overheat, explode, or catch fire from battery chemically generated heat because the battery is only required to supply a few millivolts of HEAT ENERGY to activate the generation of Holes and Electrons, or "FREE Electron Flow", or "FREE Quantum ENERGY", or "FREE Electricity.

The "JAEMS Circuit" provides the world with clean ENERGY from the Atom at room temperature.

Future: Cell Phones will not need to be charged, Homes will operate on this "FREE ENERGY" for "Lights, Heating and Air, and Electric Cars will never need charging.

Patent Pending By: Aether-Light