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Go to : Anti-Gravity by Randy Holmes and learn how to make "Antigravity" at home.

The "Aether-Light" eBook will explain three important facts about your life.

1. How to make "Antigravity Energy" in your own home.

2. How God made all Living and Nonliving things out of "Aether" and "Light".

3. How you can become a vital part of our "Antigravity Word" in the future.

 The photo "Antigravity Machine'' by "Aether-Light" reveals the world's first "Antigravity Machine"; invented by Randy Lee Holmes in 2017.

This is the only machine in the world that can actually produce "Antigravity Energy". This "Antigravity Machine" Smashes Atoms of Nylon and Teflon together to insert an "Antigravity Electrostatic Energy" into a plastic sheet (Capacitor). This makes the "Antigravity Machine" the smallest particle collider in the world.

The "Antigravity Machine" cost less than $1,000 to build, and not $13.25 billion like "The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) beneath the France-Switzerland border.

You can make "Antigravity Energy" at home with less than $10.00 dollars in material.

We seek to build "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars).

Through Science "Mankind" shall become "One" with the "Creator".

Nature shall be cleansed of manmade destruction of the earth by knowledge of the book "Aether-Light".

The year 2018 will bring together many brains from the East, West, North, and South, and they shall create an "Anti-Gravity World", and "Antigravity Transportation" (Antigravity Cars).

The year 2018 shall bring "Anti-Gravity Transportation", "Levitating Buildings", and "Anti-Gravity Force Fields".

The year 2018 man shall learn the secrets of the universe, and the secrets of God and Jesus.

1. Where did we come from?
2. What is Gravity?
3. What is Matter?
4. What is Dark Matter?
5. What is Dark Energy?
6. What is Aether?
7. What is Light?
8. What is Antigravity?