"Aether" Book by "Aether-Light"

"Aether" Book by "Aether-Light"

Newest discovery about the "Aether" 2017 baffles physics and scientist !!!

The book "Aether-Light" now at Amazon and Barns & Noble explains and uses photos
to inform the average reader of what "Aether" is, and what it looks likes.

"Aether" is made of "Light" and "Light" makes up all "Matter of the the universe; to include "Dark Matter".

Thats right, people and all things living and nonliving are made of "Light", or you may say all things are made of "Matter".

Einstein most famous equation E=mc2, simply states that "Matter" and "Energy" are both the same thing.

Phys.org article May 18, 2014 "Scientists discover how to turn "Light" into "Matter" after 80-year quest".

The most amazing discovery revealed in this book is that every photon of "Light" is created or accompanied with "Aether",
therefore "Aether"and "Light" are one (Aether-Light).

"Aether- Light" makes up all "Matter" in the entire universe.

The book "Aether-Light" explains what no physicist and no scientist can explain about physics.

1. Where did we come from?
2. What is Gravity?
3. What is Matter?
4. What is Dark Matter?
5. What is Dark Energy?
6. What is Aether?
7. What is Light?
8. What is Antigravity?

Ask any physicist or scientist and He/She will tell you "Relativity" and "Quantum Mechanics" are fundamentally
different theories that have different formulations.

What they have is a clash of genuinely incompatible descriptions of reality.

Everyone wants clearity, "Aether-Light" "The Fact Of Everything"

You will find after reading the book "Aether-Light" that the "Quantum" and the "Cosmos" match together beautifully.