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"Antigravity Machine'' by "Aether-Light".
This photo reveals the world's first "Antigravity Machine"; invented by Randy Lee Holmes in 2017.
This is the only machine in the world that can actually produce "Electrostatic ForceField" and "Antigravity Energy".
This "Antigravity Machine" Smashes Atoms of Nylon and Teflon together to insert an "Antigravity Electrostatic Energy" into a plastic sheet (Capacitor).
This makes the "Antigravity Machine" the smallest particle collider in the world.
The "Antigravity Machine" cost less than  $1,000 to build, and not $13.25 billion like "The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) beneath the France-Switzerland border.
With the "The Hadron Collider" (LHC) you got the Higgs boson.
With the "Antigravity Machine" you got "Antigravity", and a "Future Antigravity World" with "Antigravity Transportation"(Antigravity Cars).

Email: Randyleeholmes@yahoo.com