Aether-Light "The Fact Of Everything"


Aether-Light "The Fact Of Everything"

First Ever!!! See 54 Photos and Images of the "Aether" or Electromagnetic Radiation Blueprint" that GOD used to make All living and nonliving things when He Said in Genesis 1:3, "Let There Be light" in the Bible.

The year 2017 will now and forever be recognized as the year man saw actual Photos and Images of the "Aether Electromagnetic System" (AEMS) created by GOD in the beginning of time.

Before the "Big Bang" there was GOD and "Light' that started the existence of All living and nonliving things of earth, the universe, and beyond.

Because it is for the first time ever proof of the "Aether" and a "Divine Creation System" of implementation of the "Aether" to serve as a "Medium" for the propagation of All "Light" of the Electromagnetic Spectrum", surely this is the true GOD of the universe.

The argument that there is no visible proof of a GOD has come to pass with the many Photos and Videos of the "Aether Electromagnetic System" of the "Aether".

The world can no longer say they do not believe in GOD because they have never physically seen Him or any proof of His existance.

When you see the 54 photos and read the information in the Book "Aether -Light", you will clearly see and understand what the Bible said in Genesis 1:3 when GOD said "Let there be Light".

The book "Aether-Light"  answers these seven questions with facts and Photos that even a teenager can understand.

1. Where did we come from?

2. What is “Gravity”?

3. What is “Matter”?

4. What is “Dark Matter”?

5. What is “Dark Energy”?

6. What is “Aether”?

7. What is “Light”?

You get the true meaning and understanding of how GOD is Everywhere, and how GOD is Always with Us.

GOD is "LOVE", GOD is "LIGHT", GOD is "REAL", and GOD is "AETHER".

The year 2017 will also be a historical year because now that people have seen the "Aether Electromagnetic System" (AEMS) of the One and Only TRUE GOD, more than 2/3 thirds if not maybe the whole world will come to Him.

It is my belief that everyone wants to worship the One and Only TRUE GOD!!!

We shall see how this works out...Very Interesting !!!!

“Aether-Light” Books at Amazon and Barns & Noble.

The retail price for eBook version is USD 3.99.
The retail price for soft cover version is USD 41.99.
The retail price for hard cover version is USD 51.99.

Only the eBook version is available at 

I suggest you get the Hard Cover for two reasons.
1. Historical Collectors Item.
2. Hard Cover Books of "Aether-Light" will sell for no less than $100.00 per hard cover copy after February 1st 2017.

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