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"Bad Credit to GOOD CREDIT"

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"FREE ENERGY Friend" by Aether-Light

Nobel Prize Laureate: Dr. Waltter Brattain explains

"Go from Bad Credit to GOOD CREDIT"


"From Bad Credit to GOOD CREDIT"

"From 425 to 800 Credit Score"

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My name is Randy Lee Holmes and I will gladly share with you the secrets I used to raise my Credit Score from 425 to 800, as I have done.

I now own a $200,000 home, two cars that are paid for, and thousands of dollars in cash hidden in my personal safe.

Two years ago I had a credit score of 425 and $30,000 credit card debt in default and collections.

My monthly bills were as follow:

Rent                  $760

Electrical          $200

Water                 $50

Gas-Car            $100

Car-Insurance  $200

Car-Payment    $400

Food                  $400

Misc.                 $200

Bills Total:   $2310             Net monthly pay $2300

Living from pay check to pay check with no house, one car and a $400.00 per month, and no cash at any time in my possession.

I wanted first to raise my credit score and it was not going to be easy, but it was very possible.

The steps I took to improve my credit score are as follow.

1. Purchased a $200 unsecured credit card on line. I used $50-$100 of it per month, and I always paid it back in full the 1st of each month.

2. Borrow $10,000 in cash from my Bank or The Credit Union to pay off all debt that had gone into collections. My bank at first turned me down until I wrote the president of my bank and complained that I had been a member for 20 years and had never received any help from my bank in all those years. I received a letter from my bank a week later verifying the approval of a $10.000 dollar cash personal loan.

3. Called each credit card company that had gone into collections and made a deal to pay half of the total in cash on the phone.

4. Never late on my car payment and this resulted in a 100% Credit History.

5. Never late on my new Credit Card and this resulted in a 100% Credit History for six months. After six months only used $10 ($200) of Credit Card Usage per month.

6. Start a children saving account with $200 a month, and borrow from it for emergency, and always replace amount borrow plus the $200 a month, because it is not your money.

7. Keep your Savings and Checking account, but only save $100 in savings for 1st six months, before you increase the amount of monthly savings.

8. Do not pay off your car until you have made your last payment.

9. Pray to God and Jesus for anything I want, but always quote 1st John 1-9 (Father I Repent of all my sins in Jesus name) at the beginning of each prayer.

10. Download the free Credit Karma App, that will give you Free weekly credit reports, and keep up with your Credit Score weekly.

   11. Withdraw $200 cash from my paycheck account each month for my Children Savings and place it in my underground personal Safe at home. 

This became the Personal Cash that I have saved thousands of dollars.

12. Never be late on a payment of any kind....Always pay your bills on time to abtain a 100% Credit History.

13. Never charge more than $10.00 on your $200.00 unsecured Credit Card for after six months of use, and pay it all $10.00 back the 1st of each month.

14. Do not apply for credit because this is considered a Hard Inquiry and you lose a few points for 2 years on each hard inquiry.

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 "FREE ENERGY Friend" is God, Love, Light, and spirit.
All "FREE ENERGY" comes from the "Photon Quantization" of Atoms of Semiconductor Materials of Diodes, Transistors, and "Home Made Semiconductors", or the "JAEMS Circuit" that produces "FREE QUANTUM ENERGY" in the form of Holes, Electrons, and Ions.
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Bible Scripture: 1 John 1:5  "God is "Light"; in him there is no darkness at all".
Sometimes "Light" maybe too bright to look directly at it when talking to it.
Genesis 1:27  "So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them".
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Materials needed: One Homemade Semiconductor, one or two LED Diodes, and two Transistors create Holes, Electrons, and Ions to generate FREE Quantum Atomic Electricity.
A "Light" stays on for life of the LED, One Year or More, and the voltage will remain the same each day while the light is on, because the battery does not use any of it's ENERGY.  The battery is needed only to supply just a few millivolts of HEAT ENERGY in order to activate the generation of Holes and Electrons that provide "FREE Quantum Atomic ENERGY".
The "JAEMS Circuit" can never overheat, explode, or catch fire from battery chemically generated heat because the battery is only required to supply a few millivolts of HEAT ENERGY to activate the generation of Holes and Electrons, or "FREE Electron Flow", or "FREE Quantum ENERGY", or "FREE Electricity.
The "JAEMS Circuit" provides the world with clean ENERGY from the Atom at room temperature.
Future: Cell Phones will not need to be charged, Homes will operate on this "FREE ENERGY" for "Lights, Heating and Air, and Electric Cars will never need charging.
Patent Pending By: Aether-Light

"FREE ENERGY Friend" by Aether-Light
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