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Order your Tickets now to see true Antigravity at address downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Place your order now by purchasing a Ticket number to specify Date and Time of Show you wish to attend.

Tickets prices are $20.00 per Adult and $10.00 per child (5-15).

You will be admitted by your Ticket Number and Your Email Address at the door in Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina.


"AntigravityNow" is a new scientific breakthrough that reviews true Antigravity to the world by way of live performance.

AntigravityNow has discovered a God given Natural Atomic Electrostatic Energy extracted from the atoms of Nylon Fabric.

This Clean Electrostatic Energy can be used to power Antigravity Transportation for the entire world now and for the future.

AntigravityNow is the beginning of Antigravity Transportation, Levitating Buildings, and Electrostatic Force Fields for protection.

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Randy Holmes

Email: Randyleeholmes@yahoo.com